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Pulverizing Systems

On selection of Size Reduction Equipments, the pulverizing systems is to be selected depending upon application material, its physical properties, capacity, fineness requirement, etc.

The Pulverizing System consists of:

a) Feeders / feed conveyors for feeding to mill,
b) Size Reduction Equipment,
c) Collection System (Batch Collection System & Continuous Collection System),
d) Conveying System (Pneumatic Conveying System / Gravity Collection System)
e) Dust Collector (Open Type Dust Collector / Pulse Jet Dust Collector)
f) Rotary Air Lock Valve

Types of Systems are classified as under:

1) Stand Alone Grinding System ( Batch Type )
2) Pneumatic Conveying Systems
3) Gravity Collection Systems
4) Customized Grinding Systems

The systems are basically Batch Type and Continuous Type:

1) For small capacity from 25 Kgs. / Hr. to 200 Kgs. / Hr., Batch Type system is suitable.
2) For larger capacity of more than 200 Kgs. / Hr., Continuous Type system is suitable.